Facade blinds in the SKEF system - an innovative solution for new and existing buildings

Adaptive facade blinds in the SKEF system represent a true revolution in the field of sun shading. Designed for existing buildings, these remarkable products are gaining recognition for their unparalleled flexibility and non-invasive installation. They stand out due to their quality of craftsmanship and numerous benefits they bring to every architectural project.


One of the key advantages of SKEF facade blinds is their ability to integrate with an existing building without compromising its structure, eliminating the need for construction intervention. SKEF facade blinds are an independent element, not integrated with the window, allowing them to be installed at any time. This is a true convenience for architects and investors who aim to bring modernity to existing spaces.


The incredibly sturdy construction of the SKEF system, made from extruded aluminum, ensures durability and resistance to changing weather conditions. This exceptional feature is paired with the option to customize the color of the blinds to any RAL color palette, allowing for a harmonious match of facade blinds with the building's elevation and window joinery, creating a cohesive aesthetic.


Another significant advantage is the shape of the SKEF system's housing, which is beveled at a 45-degree angle. This solution not only introduces elegance but also ensures exceptional rigidity and stability of the structure. Without drilling or damaging the facade, the installation of the blind rail is precise, maintaining the impeccable appearance of the product.


By implementing innovative solutions, the creators of the SKEF system place great emphasis on the functional side of the product. Specially designed coulisses not only guarantee smooth movement of the blinds but also ensure easy control, creating a harmonious combination of functionality and aesthetics.


The SKEF system is a fully versatile solution that adapts to the needs of each project. It can be used with blinds ranging from 50 to 80 mm widths. Furthermore, facade blinds in the SKEF system can be equipped with an insect screen. This innovative solution provides protection against insects without limiting the flow of light and fresh air into the interior.




  • Protection against sunlight
  • Electric control of the room temperature and sunlight exposure
  • High quality of finishing materials and coatings resistant to weather conditions
  • Smooth manual or electric control with the option of using weather automation
  • Reduction of energy consumption costs for air-conditioned rooms.




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